Put ‘em Up!

Storey (2010)

Canning, fermenting, freezing, drying – just a few of the many ways eaters can preserve the fantastic flavors of locally grown foods. Whether you’re a canning novice or preservation pro, this book gives eaters all of the information they need to Put ‘em Up!

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Advance Praise for Put ‘em Up!

“A blissful combination of old-fashioned preserving know-how and contemporary taste.  Easy, detailed instructions; coded labels that tell you whether to can, freeze, or dry; ideas organized by each fruit or vegetable you find at the farmer’s market; and inspired recipes from real European sugar plums to Korean kimchi “ Put ‘em Up! is the perfect way to save and savour the best of the season year round.”

-Anne Bramley, host of the Eat Feed podcast and author of Eat Feed Autumn Winter: 30 Ways to Celebrate When the Mercury Drops

“Picking up Sherri Brooks Vinton’s new book, Put’em Up!, instantly reminded me of Greg Brown’s song Canned Goods: “She put the sun and the rain in with her green beans….” At once evocative and utilitarian, the book is destined to become a must-have resource for the real food movement as it shows how simple and delicious these safe, proven methods of food preservation really are.  Whether you love to cook or are afraid to cook, buy this book!”

-Kurt Michael Friese, chef & author of A Cook’s Journey: Slow Food in the Heartland

The Local Food movement has created a whole community of food and farm enthusiasts, shopping locally, even growing their own. With Put ‘em Up!, Sherri takes it one step further and teaches us how to extend the harvest and have local, delicious treats all year long! Her enthusiasm for farm-fresh, seasonal ingredients is infectious; her approach to canning, pickling and preserving is fun and simple; and her style is hip and engaging. You’ll be planning your next canning party before you know it! Her recipe for spicy carrot pickles is a must-have at my house “ if there’s not a jar in the fridge, heads will roll…

-Nena Johnson, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

“Sherri Brooks Vinton’s new book, Put ‘em Up! is exactly what a lot of us need right now”some good guidance on how to preserve that summer harvest we’ve grown to love and want to experience throughout the year. What a delicious way to eat locally even when the snow is falling.”

-Deborah Madison,author of Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers Markets

“Putting up food makes life rich.  In the doing, it makes for wonderful, real work.  In the eating, it is a pleasure that connects us to a season when things were bountiful.  And in the sharing, it brings us together with people we love.  Sherri Brooks Vinton’s Put ‘em Up! demystifies something our grandmothers used to do and offers a straightforward way to doing something that can add real richness to our lives.”

-Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food USA

“Preserving food is the epitome of truly understanding the whole picture of fresh, local, and support of seasonal farming and cooking. Sherri’s book, Put ‘em Up! may just have a permanent place on my home and restaurant counters. We already preserve as much as we can, right here in California, but this book is full of practical and delicious ideas to further enhance our dedication to taking the best of the season and making it last longer.”

-Chef and author Jesse Ziff-Cool