• The Put ‘em Up! Preserving Answer Book

    The Put ‘em Up! Preserving Answer Book

    Got questions? Get answers!  The Answer book has almost 400 solutions to your home food preservation hurdles.  Canning (both Boiling Water Method and Pressure Canning), Drying, Fermenting, Freezing, even tips ...

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  • “Put ‘em Up! Fruit”

    “Put ‘em Up! Fruit”

    80 recipes for preserving seasonal fruit, 80 recipes for using up those preserves (or even preserves you have been gifted or picked up the market).  A great resource for those ...

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  • Drink it Up! Cup

    Drink it Up! Cup

    Now available on Etsy and at select retail locations! The Drink it Up! Cup is a hand-made (by me!), upcycled canning jar fitted with a stainless steel straw. Great for all ...

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  • Put ‘em Up!

    Put ‘em Up!

    Storey (2010) Canning, fermenting, freezing, drying - just a few of the many ways eaters can preserve the fantastic flavors of locally grown foods. Whether you're a canning novice or preservation ...

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